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Time for a change?

I started today just like any other. I woke up, drove to work, checked for any emergencies, checked calendar and task list, checked email. Google sent me one of their “New on YouTube” and I saw the O’Reilly Media and RailsConf09 stuff and remembered how I’d wanted to watch some more of those videos. I saw this video had David Heinemeier Hansson (The creator of Rails) interviewing someone and thought it might be an interesting watch. Oh, Tim Ferriss is the “4-hour work week” guy, I’d been meaning to read that. This video managed to entirely derail the rest of my day and maybe more. Watch it.

I realized as I was watching it that this guy is essentially doing exactly what I want to be doing. Time to see if he has a twitter…oh he has a blog too, of course. The blog had some articles on it that mirrored some recent things I’ve been interested in as well such as feet and biomechanics in general and happiness and living life to the fullest. He’s not some crazy off-the-grid or die over the top hippy either, he’s still involved in the Web 2.0 craziness (angel investing and branding and random stuff) but in a way that would actually appeal to me. He gets to get involved in companies with fresh new ideas, he gets to hang out with other super smart people, and he basically has a license to follow whatever interests him at the time (see the random stuff video where he talks about fMRI). This talk he gave at the EG 2008 conference is amazing to me in that he’s got the same super analytical mind that I do but he’s somehow managed to organize and hone it where it’s actually useful and not crippling.

This is what I need to be doing. I can only play computer janitor for a stuck in time company just a while longer before I just get too beat down to try anymore. I need to find something that I love spending these 40 hours a week doing. My parents were completely wrong about working hard to get ahead and they apparently never did the math. If your job is like mine and runs 8-5 M-F you’re spending 10 hours a day committed to work (8h work + 1h lunch + 1h commute round-trip). You’ll sleep 8 hours and be left with 6 hours of personal time. No wonder “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend”, it’s all they’ve got.

No. I need to find something with a much more favorable ratio of enjoying life to hating life. The next step is working out what that is…

A final link and a first possibility. Travel

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